Gledswood Hills Public School

Client: Gledswood Hills Public School
Location: 78 The Hermitage Way, Gledswood Hills NSW 2557
Budget: $100,000-$120,000

Project Outline

Congratulations to all the students at Gledswood Hills Public School on the unveiling of your new play space! It warms our hearts to learn that the children are delighting in the new KliX NATURALplay fort and nature trails. The CRS team is beaming with joy.

CRS was honored with the task of crafting a NATURALplay area at the school. The focal point of this space is a one-of-a-kind design that seamlessly integrates the KliX NPF-01 with a roto-molded tube slide and an assortment of rope climbing structures. This standout element is surrounded by a series of nature trails, along with balancing and hopping logs, as well as sandstone blocks and lush plantings.

Project Equipment

  • KliX NATURALplay Combination Play Fort & Cross Challenge Rope Climbing Structure
  • SNP-01 KliX NATURALplay Iron Bark Balance Log
  • SNP-04 KliX NATURALplay Iron Bark Alligator Balance Log
  • SNP-05 KliX NATURALplay Iron Bark Hopping Log
  • SNP-08 KliX NATURALplay Adventure Trail Cypress Pine

Project Other Works Included

  • Site excavation and base preparation
  • Sandstone and timber edging
  • Certified playground mulch
  • Sandstone blocks
  • Landcaping/Plants

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