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Treeline Reserve Park – Narara

There’s a fun new play space for toddlers at the Treeline Reserve Park in Narara.

Open since June, the toddler play area was installed with both the safety and enjoyment of your tiny tots in mind. This well-shaded space has plenty of trees providing fresh air and a welcome breathing space for parents and their toddlers.

The playground is actually a tiny obstacle course of sorts that’s guaranteed to give your toddlers hours of fun and excitement.

Here, we’ve installed a double swing comprising a nest swing and a regular swing. There’s also a small spinner pole that’s sized just right for tiny little monkeys who love to get dizzy, plus a climbing frame with a rope climb for very energetic climbers.

To challenge older siblings, there’s a slippery dip fireman’s pole and monkey bars to help keep them preoccupied.

Little kids can learn to improve their balance and enjoy challenging themselves (with their mum or dad’s help, of course) on the wooden beams we’ve strategically placed one after the other.

To protect your toddlers from bumps and falls, we’ve put a combination of woodchip and TPV Synthetic softfall.

Here, parents also have plenty of space to have a quiet picnic, or take in the sunshine filtering through the trees.

This is a truly lovely spot for families with toddlers in the Treeline Reserve Park, so do drop by.

If you have a playground project or need play equipment, please contact Creative Recreation Solutions.

We’ll be happy to help you with your playground needs.

Project Information

Client: Central Coast Council 

Location: Treeline Reserve Park – Narara

Play equipment: KLIX – Signature KLX-113 ,SP-004 Whirly Dizzy , SFT-01 Single bay Swing, Timber Play

Surfacing:  Combination EPDM / Mulch

Budget: $$75,000 – $95,000


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