Junior Einsteins Nurturing Centre – Shell Heights

Client: Junior Einsteins Nurturing Centre – Shell Heights
Location: 3 Piper Dr, Dunmore NSW 2529
Budget: $315,000-$355,000

Project Outline

Welcome to Junior Einsteins Nurturing Centre in Shell Heights – the coolest spot for little explorers aged 0 to 6! Each age group gets their very own outdoor wonderland, specially crafted by CRS Creative Recreation Solutions.

These play havens aren’t just ordinary spaces; they’re the VIP zones for kiddos to dive into adventures and tackle cool challenges. Nature gets a high-five too! Our outdoor play space includes natural resources, plants and citrus trees – A perfect balance between man-made and nature.

Creative Recreation Solutions (CRS) managed the entire project, from the initial phases of design and layout to meticulous site preparation, followed by the installation of KliX play equipment and synthetic surfacing with exquisite sandstone elements and natural landscaping.

Our carefully curated setup is a magic potion for growing minds and social superstars, where learning and fun team up for the ultimate adventure!

Project Equipment

  • NPM-001 Mound With Slides and Tunnel
  • TRM-1515 Square Trampoline
  • KSW-004S Single Bay Nest Swing
  • SNP-06 KliX NATURALplay Pallet Deck Hardwood
  • SNP-05 KliX NATURALplay Iron Bark Hopping Log
  • NPT-09 KliX NATURALplay Cypress Pine Adventure Trail Tread
  • SNP-19 KliX NATURALplay Mud Kitchen 2200mm
  • NGV-001 Vegie Garden Bed
  • NTP-001 KliX NATURALplay Play Tee – Pee
  • SNP-03 KliX NATURALplay Cypress Balance Beam 1.5m
  • TRM-1515 Square Inground Trampoline
  • SMP-04 Jungle Drum Set of 3
  • SMP-02 Musical Chimes
  • KliX Water Pump Classic with Reservoir

Project Other Works Included

  • Civil works and drainage
  • Dividing fences
  • Concrete edging
  • Synthetic rubber surfacing and recycled soft-fall
  • Artificial Turf
  • Certified playground mulch and sand
  • Shade Sails
  • Sandstone blocks
  • Landscaping & plants

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