Neegulbah Park Playground – Macquarie Hills

Neegulbah Park Playground – Macquarie Hills
Perfectly shaded by large trees, the Neegulbah Park Playground in Macquarie Hills is ready for play. There’s is plenty of seating including sandstone block, bench seats and a few scattered tables, it’s a lovely spot to venture out and explore somewhere new.

Our FUSION Range of Nets, ladders, pommels, climbing walls, cross nets are just some of the challenging ways ways kids can scale up to the top.. They can then make their way down one of the junior or senior slides depending on age and ability.

Also including in this design is nature play obstacle course, double bay swing, large rope spinner

Project Information
Client: Lake Macquarie City Council
Location: Lawson Road, Macquarie Hills
Play equipment: KLIX Play Structures – Double Bay Swing, Fusion Play Fort, Accessible Spring Rocker, Nature Play Trails, Rope Spinner
Budget: $140,000 – $190,000

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