Childcare Centre – Adamstown

Client: Childcare Centre, Adamstown
Location: 501 Brunker Road, Adamstown, NSW 2289
Budget: $400,000-$440,000

Project Outline

The recently unveiled Childcare Centre in Adamstown stands as a pinnacle of modern childcare facilities, complemented by an enchanting outdoor play area. In perfect harmony with the Childcare Centre’s vision, Creative Recreation Solutions (CRS) managed the entire project, leaving no (sandstone) unturned. From the initial phases of design and layout to meticulous site preparation, followed by the installation of KliX play equipment and synthetic surfacing with exquisite sandstone elements and natural landscaping.

Guided by the CRS design team’s methodology, children are invited on a journey of growth and development through the power of play. The playspace is split in 2, each area showcases a diverse array of play structures and activities tailored to captivate two primary age groups: the tender 0-3 year-olds and the vibrant 3-5 year-olds. This thoughtful curation ensures that every child’s unique cognitive and social skills are nurtured in a safe environment that blends learning with joy.

Project Equipment

  • TOC-100 KliX Ocean Theme
  • TRM-1515 Square Trampoline
  • KSW-004HL A-Frame Swing Sets: Single Bay with A Nest Swing and Ironbark Frame
  • NPF-01 KliX NATURALplay Play Structures 2.4m x 1.2m
  • SNP-06 KliX NATURALplay Pallet Deck Hardwood
  • SNP-05 KliX NATURALplay Iron Bark Hopping Log
  • NTP-002 KliX NATURALplay Play Tee – Pee (with SEATING)
  • SNP-19 KliX NATURALplay Mud Kitchen 2200mm
  • NTP-001 KliX NATURALplay Play Tee – Pee (NO SEATING)
  • SNP-03 KliX NATURALplay Cypress Balance Beam 1.5m
  • SNP-08 KliX NATURALplay Cypress Pine Adventure Trail Tread

Project Other Works Included

  • Concrete edging
  • Synthetic rubber surfacing and recycled soft-fall
  • Artificial Turf
  • Certified playground mulch
  • Picnic table, benches & seating
  • Shade Sails
  • Sandstone blocks & plants

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