Swift Park, Trangie

Trangie Swift Park undergoes a tree house adventure makeover.
The playground was designed taking into consideration the ideas generated through community consultation with local schools.
The playground was designed by our talented designers, manufactured right here in NSW, Australia and constructed by our inhouse team of tradesmen. The new Regional Play Space will be an important open space resource for the Trangie community and visitors to the Narromine region.
This playground upgrade is a significant project in the region and was completed March 2021
The Swift Park Playground upgrade is valued at over $350,000 and was made possible due to Stronger Country Communities Fund (Round 3) and Drought Communities Program funding.
Project Information
Client: Narromine Shire Council
Location: Harris St, Trangie
Play equipment: KLIX Play Structures – Double Bay Swing, Tree Tops Tower, Accessible Spring Rocker, Nature Play Trails, Rope Spinner, Fusion Cube climber, Single Flying Fox
Shelter: Paragon 4m x 4m
Budget: $350,000 – $395,000

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