Penshurst Park – Penshurst

Penshurst Park is a large suburban park located on the corner of Cambridge Street and Percival Street, Penshurst, adjacent to King Georges Road. The park is in the process of undergoing a large recreational facility redevelopment, of which the playground is the first stage to be completed.

The new adventure playground incorporates landscaping and picnic facilities.

The playground design provides a first class recreational asset for the community that caters for a diverse range of passive and active recreational pursuits and users of all abilities. The playground also caters for all ages and includes shade covers and landscaping.

Designed and constructed by CRS utilising our very own KLIX Play Structures, Australian Made and Owned, procuring locally made materials, engineers and contractors Penshurst Park is a successful outcome not only for the community but our local economy.

The newΒ  KLIX – PlayΒ³Β  Tower is available in many different types of cladding including HPL, Composite Slats, HDPE and Timber, Options for metal finishes include Power coating Aluminium, Hot dip galvanising Steel and stainless steel.

Project Information

Client: Georges River Council
Location: Cambridge Road, Penshurst
Play Equipment: KLIX Play Structures – Tripple Bay Swing, PlayΒ³Β  Tower, Wheelchair Accessible Signature Play Fort , SFX-30S, Flying Fox, Timber Adventure Trails, SP-003 All inclusive carousel , SP-004 Whirly Dizzy,Β  RP-004 – Accessible Buggy Rocker, RP-008 – Skate Board Rocker

Β Budget: $695,000 – $745,000


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