Mansion Point Park, Grays Point

Playground Upgraded atΒ Mansion Point Park, Grays Point

If you’d been to Mansion Point Park in Grays Point recently, you might have noticed that the playpark there was in need of a bit of a spruce-up. Well, we are happy to say that SCC / CRS have worked magic and provided an upgrade for the space.

We installed our Aussie-made play structures from the Klix design team, including the Fusion KLX-2034, a climbing fort that kids just love. The fort features two play decks side by side, connected by a central cube, with staircase and slide for safe but exciting fun.

The Klix Little City Range was one of the inspirations here, so you’ll find a police station, fire station and hospital activity panels scattered around, as well as log steppers from our timber play range.

Head down to Mansion Point Park and check it out!

Client:Β Sutherland Shire Council

Location: Mansion Point Park, Grays Point

Play equipment: KLIX- Fusion Climber , Klix Little City RangeΒ Β  KLIX Timber Play


Budget: $$50,000 – $95,000

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