Gavenlock Oval Park – Narara

This awesome new playground is one of our latest projects in Narara.

Built with primary school-age kids in mind, thereโ€™s no worry about kids tumbling and falling as weโ€™ve installed a combination of wood chip and TPV synthetic surfacing cover to cushion any bumps and scrapes.

The playground features fun yet challenging monkey bars, an FUSION climbing frame, plus a rope walls and a fireman pole. To challenge older kids, thereโ€™s a steep slippery dip to enjoy. You’ll also find a group nest swing right next to this feature, offering even more fun.

The group spinner features rope climbs and a cricket ball-inspired floor design as an homage to the pioneering Gavenlock family and their cricket-loving sons: cousins Jack and Chris Gavenlock โ€“ both of whom were excellent cricketers.

So, drop by and join in the fun!

Project Information

Client:ย Central Coast Councilย 

Location:ย  Gavenlock Oval,ย  Narara

Play equipment: KLIX โ€“ย  Fusion, Custom rope spinner, SW-004 BASKET

Surfacing:ย  Combination EPDM / Mulch

Budget: $$75,000 โ€“ $95,000

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