Clarendon Tavern

Clarendon Tavern is a local pub located between Richmond and Windsor. It is between the RAAF base and the Hawkesbury racecourse .

Clarendon Tavern is currently undergoing major renovations with a new bar , 18 beers, cider & ginger beer going on tap [almost 40 taps in total in the main bar], indoor / outdoor bar to the courtyard, barber shop, and a new children’s play area featuring aΒ  KLIX Tree Tops Tower Centre Stage.

Luke , the owner of Clarendon Tavern wanted something different from your average typical enclosed playground you see at fast food chains, clubs and pubs.

KLIX play structures rose to the occasion delivering a play structure that not only looks impressive but can turn over a high volume of children. With our 1m square decks and ultra wide stair cases, large 900m diameter tube slides, this play tower will certainly bring in the crowds.

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