Spinners & Carousels

Spinners Are Winners
Research shows the act of spinning helps develop a child’s ability to ‘stay in control’. Besides the fun aspect, spinners help train the senses to send faster and more concise messages to the brain.
KliX SpinnerPlay offers a diverse selection of spinners, from individual solo spinners to spinners with climbing-nets to large interactive spinners for groups. There are also spinners that are installed flush to the ground to allow smoother access for wheelchairs and prams.
When a group of children share a spinning activity, they learn to coordinate their movement as one. By doing this, they avoid bumping into each other and understand the importance of personal space.   
Through clever designs and engineering, KliX SpinnerPlay aims to stimulate the sensors, by introducing risk to a safe environment. This way, kids practice how to make faster and better decisions from the mistakes they’ve made. After all, a large part of the fun is the thrill of losing control, instantly followed by the struggle to regain it.

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