Traditional Play With A Modern Twist
It’s no secret that play is essential, as it provides us all with our physical, social, mental and emotional foundations – The entire KliX SignaturePlay range was designed with this in mind.
The SignaturePlay range is primarily catered to the preschoolers age group. By this age, children are more mobile and look to test their skills and challenge themselves. Because of this, the SignaturePlay range utilise a variety of climbing and balancing activities that contain a level of risk in a safe environment. Physical risks are extremely important for this age-group, as it teaches ‘curious’ children about spatial awareness and judging a potentially dangerous situation.
The SignaturePlay range uses an array of vibrant HDPE materials that are UV stabilised. Not only will these colourful materials stimulate young minds, but they have also proven to withstand Australian conditions.
Access ramps and ground-level activity panels provide juniors and wheelchair-bound children opportunities to interact and socialise with older children.     

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