Spring Rockers & Seesaws

All Kids Are Born To Rock
Rocking has amazing benefits for children. From the time they are born, rocking is introduced as a gentle motion with a calming effect. As a child learns to walk and becomes independent, rocking games bring on extra cognitive and physical advantages.
KliX Rock-n-Play has developed a range of stand-alone spring rockers. All of which, help toddlers work on their core and legs muscles and improve their overall visual perception. Low profiles allow young explorers to climb on by themselves and provide wheelchair players with much easier access. 
Animated rockers such as unicorns and cars encourage pretend-play and boost creativity. Whilst larger rockers and see-saws invite larger groups to get together for a ‘rockin’ party’. A hands-free stand on skateboard challenges advanced players to keep their balance as they rock in all directions.
All-in-all, the inclusion of a KliX Rock-n-Play product is a smart decision. Not only will young children develop fine motor skills, but the entire movement also teaches coordination between hands, arms, legs and feet – Preparing them for their next stage of development and growth.

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