Little City Structures

Set The Scene With A Cool Theme
KliX ThemePlay has turned ordinary playgrounds into a fantasy wonderland, jam-packed with fun activities for children of all ages and abilities.
Our adventure-minded designers have whipped up an entire series of wild play structures and themed kiosks, irresistible to any child that happens to stumble by their path.
KliX ThemePlay has a vibrant selection, ranging from the tallest tropical rainforest’s, the 7 seas, the local corner shop, a crazy science lab, the town police station … these are a taste of what KliX ThemePlay has to offer.
These creative details help generate stories and make the world of difference to a child’s play experience. Not only will KliX ThemePlay entertain little ones for hours, but they also encourage healthy social interactions with other children and carers, through pretend-play and make-believe.

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