The Building Blocks Of Play.
The KliX KubixPlay range is aesthetically pleasing – a fresh blend of architectural modernism and natural-looking materials gives this range the power of longevity.
The KliX KubixPlay structures are fabricated from tough, high-quality materials that will withstand extreme marine environments, making it a top choice when designing a seaside playspace.
KliX KubixPlay is predominantly made from aluminium and stainless steel, complemented with Aussie-made plastics and composite materials that are designed to withstand the harsh Aussie sun and corrosion-prone locations.
The giant-sized building blocks and vibrant geometric cladding can’t be ignored and certainly won’t be forgotten. The (almost invisible) perforated stainless-steel screens allow ample supervision from the ground. From above, kids experience a formidable sense of being, looking out at the world around them.

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