Early Learning Starts With Healthy Play
The KliX JuniorPlay structures are designed to build young bodies
and stimulate their minds – paving the road for a healthier and happier generation.
By blending fun activities and implementing decades of research with strict safety measures, the KliX JuniorPlay range aims to expand creativity, develop social skills and build coordination, balance and confidence.
Playing is how toddlers learn about their limitations, their surroundings and other children. When playing with others, such as advanced children, toddlers gain confidence to try new risks and develop new skills faster.
KliX JuniorPlay structures are designed to bring 5-10 toddlers together where they can explore a variety of fun activities. These activities include climbing walls, balancing nets, touch and feel panels, interactive games and imaginative play. Parents can join in too, with easy-to-reach access points, plus, the open-plan design allows carers to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times.

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