Balance Standalone

Get Fit While You Play
Australia is known around the world as one of the great sporting nations. Culturally, sport is ingrained in Aussies from an early age, for this reason, the concept of KliX FitnessPlay was born.
KliX FitnessPlay has a selection of fitness equipment & multi-sport play areas that cover a great range of activities, such as: stretching and bodyweight workout stations, outdoor sporting fields and multi-sport courts that support sports like soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis and netball to name few.
All KliX FitnessPlay products can be configured to cater for a  unique set of requirements, including accessibility, play-value and budget.
KliX FitnessPlay products make a great addition to playgrounds as they create a place for people of all ages to have fun through physical activity. From young children to adults, KliX FitnessPlay will promote a way for everyone to interact, be social and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

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