All The Bells, Less The Whistles
The KliX BOOSTEDplay range is perfect for the small budget project that requires substantial play value for children of mixed ages and abilities.
Rest assure, the quality has not been compromised whatsoever – The KliX BOOSTEDplay range uses premium, locally sourced products and raw materials. Built to last, KliX BOOSTEDplay is structured with 100 x 100mm aluminium posts and platform systems, coated with a weather-protection polyester, powder-coating process.
Vibrant coloured panels are made from a UV stable High-density Polyethylene (HDPE). All HDPE components are 100% Australian-made from post-consumer recycled materials and can be continuously recycled in the future.
All components are assembled with tamper-proof stainless steel fasteners, keeping vandals at bay as well as corrosion.
What makes the KliX BOOSTEDplay range more cost-effective? The small footprint, simple structure and minimalist design.

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